DisplayWP is a new way to look at WordPress data, in a beautiful way.

Currently, the data includes core WordPress Versions. But I’m already working on other components like WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins and the Code Reference.


The vast majority of the information on DisplayWP is retrieved from external sources. Sources like WordPress.org API’s, WordPress Trac, the translation project and others.

Not all the data is available in a ready-to-use API’s, some of the data is generated by DisplayWP using internal algorithms.

I tried to promote the creation of new API’s. But since it was not accepted, the data is available through DisplayWP.

Updating Data

For performance reasons the data in stats pages and version pages is cached. If you want to update the stats to display the latest numbers, just add ?reload to the URL (example). It will trigger a set of requests to different data sources to retrieve updated numbers.

Although all the data retrieved using Cron Jobs and stored in Transients (for performance reasons), please remember that each data retrieval takes time as it is done for each and every major version. Please don’t abuse this feature by linking directly to pages with the “reload” parameter.

DisplayWP API

Displaying the data on DisplayWP is only the first step, the next is sharing the data with the community.

The plan is to provide simple API’s that return data collected from multiple sources in a single JSON file.

For supported endpoints, visit:

Examples of versions data:

DisplayWP Logo

About Me

My name is Rami Yushuvaev, I’m an entrepreneur, a web developer and a blogger.

I am the founder of GenerateWP.com and several other WordPress related projects. But mainly I work with Israeli startups, providing WordPress Plugin development services.

I’ve started using WordPress 1.5 and I just loved it, that is why I started exploring the code base. I’ve contributed code to each and every WordPress release since version 2.8. I am the Hebrew GTE since WordPress 3.3, responsible for the translation and the release of WordPress Hebrew version. And a core contributor for WordPress and 5.4.