WordPress Download Counter

WordPress Download Counter by Version

Data Sources

The raw data for this chart is based on the famous WordPress Download Counter.

WordPress.org displays only the counter of the latest WordPress version but it actively collects and stores data for older versions.


The WordPress download counter was added after the release of WordPress 1.0.

Historical Download Stats

4.9Total of 4,858,337 downloads.
4.8Total of 65,053,300 downloads.
4.7Total of 111,264,835 downloads.
4.6Total of 55,232,944 downloads.
4.5Total of 72,555,068 downloads.
4.4Total of 75,660,338 downloads.
4.3Total of 59,200,601 downloads.
4.2Total of 83,814,925 downloads.
4.1Total of 89,065,069 downloads.
4.0Total of 60,814,592 downloads.
3.9Total of 93,225,428 downloads.
3.8Total of 79,531,751 downloads.
3.7Total of 26,825,755 downloads.
3.6Total of 16,277,100 downloads.
3.5Total of 33,112,047 downloads.
3.4Total of 35,277,280 downloads.
3.3Total of 22,487,471 downloads.
3.2Total of 15,290,592 downloads.
3.1Total of 17,277,982 downloads.
3.0Total of 36,378,450 downloads.
2.9Total of 11,028,710 downloads.
2.8Total of 11,714,267 downloads.
2.7Total of 6,552,813 downloads.
2.6Total of 4,356,287 downloads.
2.5Total of 2,181,865 downloads.
2.3Total of 2,832,497 downloads.
2.2Total of 1,289,224 downloads.
2.1Total of 1,613,320 downloads.
2.0Total of 2,399,759 downloads.
1.5Total of 1,599,412 downloads.
1.2Total of 376,700 downloads.
1.0Total of 31,525 downloads.
0.7Total of 0 downloads.