WordPress Download Counter

WordPress Download Counter by Version

Data Sources

The raw data for this chart is based on the famous WordPress Download Counter.

WordPress.org displays only the counter of the latest WordPress version but it actively collects and stores data for older versions.


The WordPress download counter was added after the release of WordPress 1.0.

Historical Download Stats

5.2Total of 41,553,438 downloads.
5.1Total of 25,796,565 downloads.
5.0Total of 43,942,122 downloads.
4.9Total of 207,335,825 downloads.
4.8Total of 97,519,096 downloads.
4.7Total of 142,065,014 downloads.
4.6Total of 66,584,555 downloads.
4.5Total of 83,742,831 downloads.
4.4Total of 84,835,296 downloads.
4.3Total of 65,818,159 downloads.
4.2Total of 90,826,717 downloads.
4.1Total of 94,922,758 downloads.
4.0Total of 64,625,550 downloads.
3.9Total of 98,995,320 downloads.
3.8Total of 83,292,729 downloads.
3.7Total of 28,847,591 downloads.
3.6Total of 16,685,635 downloads.
3.5Total of 33,715,985 downloads.
3.4Total of 35,707,143 downloads.
3.3Total of 23,023,764 downloads.
3.2Total of 15,597,380 downloads.
3.1Total of 18,291,663 downloads.
3.0Total of 37,376,324 downloads.
2.9Total of 11,442,180 downloads.
2.8Total of 12,483,584 downloads.
2.7Total of 6,792,631 downloads.
2.6Total of 4,661,277 downloads.
2.5Total of 2,343,843 downloads.
2.3Total of 2,979,327 downloads.
2.2Total of 1,452,289 downloads.
2.1Total of 1,838,449 downloads.
2.0Total of 2,722,051 downloads.
1.5Total of 1,787,641 downloads.
1.2Total of 465,878 downloads.
1.0Total of 52,120 downloads.
0.7Total of 0 downloads.