WordPress Download Counter

WordPress Download Counter by Version

Data Sources

The raw data for this chart is based on the famous WordPress Download Counter.

WordPress.org displays only the counter of the latest WordPress version but it actively collects and stores data for older versions.


The WordPress download counter was added after the release of WordPress 1.0.

Only five versions passed the 100 million downloads. Two version reached the 150 million downloads mark. And one version reached the 200 million downloads.

WordPress 4.9 holds the record with the highest number of downloads up to date with over 200 million downloads. Followed by WordPress 4.7 with over 150 million downloads. And the third most download version is WordPress 4.8 with over 100 million downloads.

Historical Download Stats

5.4Total of 52,355,542 downloads.
5.3Total of 65,148,334 downloads.
5.2Total of 104,220,988 downloads.
5.1Total of 39,687,144 downloads.
5.0Total of 54,801,820 downloads.
4.9Total of 237,105,924 downloads.
4.8Total of 104,615,816 downloads.
4.7Total of 150,439,821 downloads.
4.6Total of 70,199,756 downloads.
4.5Total of 87,136,436 downloads.
4.4Total of 88,192,539 downloads.
4.3Total of 68,127,252 downloads.
4.2Total of 93,062,052 downloads.
4.1Total of 96,837,742 downloads.
4.0Total of 65,847,677 downloads.
3.9Total of 100,565,166 downloads.
3.8Total of 84,353,870 downloads.
3.7Total of 29,303,689 downloads.
3.6Total of 16,745,951 downloads.
3.5Total of 33,803,605 downloads.
3.4Total of 35,792,037 downloads.
3.3Total of 23,112,976 downloads.
3.2Total of 15,652,895 downloads.
3.1Total of 18,450,186 downloads.
3.0Total of 37,536,814 downloads.
2.9Total of 11,504,104 downloads.
2.8Total of 12,595,124 downloads.
2.7Total of 6,820,605 downloads.
2.6Total of 4,721,766 downloads.
2.5Total of 2,368,441 downloads.
2.3Total of 3,014,661 downloads.
2.2Total of 1,474,323 downloads.
2.1Total of 1,860,096 downloads.
2.0Total of 2,774,586 downloads.
1.5Total of 1,813,987 downloads.
1.2Total of 475,056 downloads.
1.0Total of 54,421 downloads.
0.7Total of 0 downloads.