End of PHP 5.5 support

Ending the support of PHP 5.5

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Next week, on July 10th, the support of PHP 5.5 will end, this means that next week 80% of all the active WordPress websites will use unsupported PHP versions.

Unsupported PHP versions in use

Currently, Over 60% of all active WordPress installs in the world are using unsupported PHP versions (5.2 – 5.4). Next week, when the support of PHP 5.5 will end, over 80% of all active WordPress installs will use unsupported PHP version. Scary numbers.

Unsupported MySQL versions in use

As for MySQL, currently MySQL 5.0 is used by 4.4% of all active WordPress installs and MySQL 5.1 is used by 10.7%. Meaning that over 15% of the active WordPress sites are using unsupported MySQL versions.

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