New Chart Every 48 Hours

New and Unique WordPress Chart Every 48 Hours

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Over the span of the next three weeks, DisplayWP will introduce a new chart every 48 hours, containing never-before-seen and unique WordPress stats. Although the charts are based on historical WordPress stats that were publicly available for years, the data has never been displayed the way we are going to present it. So, enjoy the data, draw your own conclusions, and share your insights.

Collecting and Analyzing Data

DisplayWP was originally built to present WordPress-related stats collected over the years in a new beautiful way. Up until now the site displayed different raw pieces of data from several resources. Now is time to cross-reference the collected information to gain new, valuable insights.

As mentioned above, the data was available for years – but with so many trees we just couldn’t see the forest. I’m hoping to change that with DisplayWP. Sometimes, a new perspective is all you need.

A New WordPress Chart Every 48 Hours

Over the next three weeks, you will see a new page added to the site, displaying different core components in a way never been seen before! All the charts are created automatically using unique internal algorithms. The charts are not static, they are constantly auto-updated with each and every new WordPress release and each time the data source is updated.

Suggestions for new charts are welcome!

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