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New Chart – WordPress oEmbed Providers

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Introducing the WordPress oEmbed Providers chart. The chart displays the total number of supported oEmbed providers for each WordPress version.


The full list of supported oEmbed providers is gathered from the class-oembed.php and the default-embeds.php files.

The chart does not displays the number of Endpoint, it displays the number of Providers (each provider can have several Endpoints).


With the release of WordPress 2.9 in 2009, WordPress added a builtin support for the oEmbed protocol that allowed auto-embedded media inside the WordPress Editor by simply pasting the Media URL instead of the need to copy and paste the Embed Code. For security reasons, only allowed services are auto-embedded. Each WordPress version adds new providers (or new endpoint for existing services), and removes providers that are not longer active.


Both WordPress 4.9 and WordPress 5.0 supported the highest number of oEmbed Providers – 34 providers.

WordPress 4.0 and WordPress 4.4 added to highest number of oEmbed Providers. Both added four new oEmbed Providers to WordPress.

WordPress 5.1 removed the highest number of oEmbed Providers in a single WordPress version. It removed two oEmbed Providers.

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