WordPress 5.9 ZIP File Size Skyrocketed by 25%

WordPress 5.9 ZIP File Size Skyrocketed by 25%

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The latest WordPress version named in honor Joséphine Baker had a huge file increase ever recorded in WordPress history, the total ZIP file add over 4MB and for the first time passes the 20MB, a 25% increase compare to the previous version.


It is natural that from version to version the file size increases, but from time to time we witness changes that deviate from the norm.

In terms of absolute file size, WordPress 5.9 broke the previous record set in version 5.6 released in December 2020.

In terms of percentage, WordPress 5.9 file size increased by 25%! Although it’s impressive but it’s not high percentage compare to other version. The 7th largest file increase in terms of percentage.

Check the full data in WordPress ZIP File Size by Version.

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