WordPress Page Builders – November 2022

WordPress Page Builders – November 2022

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WordPress page builders are becoming more and more popular every year. A new infographic from DisplayWP shows the size of the market and the adoption rate by WordPress websites.

Page Builders Market Share

According to w3techs, WordPress is used by 43.1% of all the websites and it dominates the content management systems (CMS) market.

It’s more interesting to look at the tools WordPress users use to build their websites, in particular the page builders.

According to w3tech data more than a third (33.6%) of all the WordPress websites use page builders. Two page builders dominate the market – Elementor and WPBakery.

WordPress Page Builders - November 2022
WordPress Page Builders – November 2022


Elementor is the top page builder. It’s dominating the WordPress page builders category. 18.5% of all the WordPress users choose Elementor to create their website. Usage statistics and historical trends show that Elementor adoption continues to grow year over year.

While WordPress is used by 43.1% of all the websites. Elementor is used by 8.0% of all the websites. Very impressive if you compare that to other CMSs like Shopify which is used by 4.1% of all the websites, or Wix which is used by 2.3% of all the websites.

If Elementor was a standalone CMS, it was the second most used CMS on the web. With an 8% market share, Elementor has the same market share as Shopify, Wix and Squarespace combined.


WPBakery is the second most used WordPress page builder. 13.7% of all the WordPress websites built with WPBakery. Yet, usage statistics and historical trends show that there is a steady decline in websites using this page builder.

If Elementor is used by 8% of all the websites, WPBakery is used by 5.9%. Again, very impressive numbers when compared to other CMSs.

Other Page Builders

Beaver Builder, Oxygen and Visual Composer are the other three top page builders, but their market share is negligible. Their entire market share is smaller than the yearly Elementor growth.

Supplementary Data

According to the numbers, every third WordPress website uses a page builder. At the same time, this data does not correctly represent the market. The numbers are probably higher.

The recent “Web Almanac 2022” state of the web report, released by HTTP Archive, covered the state of CMS and provided data about “Top WordPress Page Builders”.

The data showed that Elementor and WPBakery lead the category, but is also showed that Divi and SiteOrigin where not covered by w3techs. In addition, according to Almanac report Oxygen is the 5th most used page builders, while according to w3techs data Oxygen has a 3 times smaller market share than Beaver Builder.

If we take into account only w3tech data, 33.6% of WordPress websites use page builders. However, if we account for the Almanac data, we will get a different result. Approximately 41.5% of WordPress websites use page builders.

Insights & Conclusions

Unfortunately, the data suggests that WordPress users still favor utilizing other tools over Gutenberg. The adoption of page builders continues to grow.

I’ve read many comments saying WordPress seems to have ceased taking user feedback into consideration, and they prefer pushing a mediocre product with a bad user experience.

That is why alternative page builders are utilized by 33.6% – 41.5% of WordPress websites.

It’s a good thing these page builders were created as WordPress plugins since otherwise those users would have started switching to other CMSs.

WordPress growth has reached its max and now it has stagnated. Page builders appear to be preventing the market share of WordPress from declining.

I am aware that this is upsetting to hear, but this is what the data suggest.

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