WordPress Minor Versions

Total Minor Versions

Data Sources

The raw data for this chart is based on release dates of all the minor WordPress versions. WordPress marks major versions as X.X and minor versions as X.X.X.

Basically, a minor version is a maintenance release containing bug fixes or a security release fixing flaws and software vulnerabilities.

The minor version chart sums up the total number of minor versions for each major versions ever released.


Due to the nature of software development in general and WordPress development in particular, all major WordPress versions had minor versions fixing and patching maintenance and security issues.

WordPress 3.7, released on October 2013, was the first version to introduce automatic updated for minor WordPress versions. Since then, each time a new vulnerability discovered, older version back to WordPress 3.7 patched with new minor versions.

It handled the claims that WordPress is not secure. WordPress core updates itself automatically even if the site is not using the latest release. Although, in time to time there is a new discussion asking to change the policy and stop supporting older WordPress versions.

Historical Data

5.9Total of 3 minor versions.-1-25% ▼
5.8Total of 4 minor versions.-2-33% ▼
5.7Total of 6 minor versions.-2-25% ▼
5.6Total of 8 minor versions.-1-11% ▼
5.5Total of 9 minor versions.-1-10% ▼
5.4Total of 10 minor versions.-2-17% ▼
5.3Total of 12 minor versions.-3-20% ▼
5.2Total of 15 minor versions.+215% ▲
5.1Total of 13 minor versions.-2-13% ▼
5.0Total of 15 minor versions.-5-25% ▼
4.9Total of 20 minor versions.+15% ▲
4.8Total of 19 minor versions.-4-17% ▼
4.7Total of 23 minor versions.+00% —
4.6Total of 23 minor versions.-3-12% ▼
4.5Total of 26 minor versions.-1-4% ▼
4.4Total of 27 minor versions.-1-4% ▼
4.3Total of 28 minor versions.-4-13% ▼
4.2Total of 32 minor versions.-3-9% ▼
4.1Total of 35 minor versions.+00% —
4.0Total of 35 minor versions.-1-3% ▼
3.9Total of 36 minor versions.-2-5% ▼
3.8Total of 38 minor versions.+00% —
3.7Total of 38 minor versions.+373,700% ▲
3.6Total of 1 minor versions.-1-50% ▼
3.5Total of 2 minor versions.+00% —
3.4Total of 2 minor versions.-1-33% ▼
3.3Total of 3 minor versions.+2200% ▲
3.2Total of 1 minor versions.-3-75% ▼
3.1Total of 4 minor versions.-2-33% ▼
3.0Total of 6 minor versions.+4200% ▲
2.9Total of 2 minor versions.-4-67% ▼
2.8Total of 6 minor versions.+5500% ▲
2.7Total of 1 minor versions.-3-75% ▼
2.6Total of 4 minor versions.+3300% ▲
2.5Total of 1 minor versions.-2-67% ▼
2.3Total of 3 minor versions.+00% —
2.2Total of 3 minor versions.+00% —
2.1Total of 3 minor versions.-8-73% ▼
2.0Total of 11 minor versions.+6120% ▲
1.5Total of 5 minor versions.+3150% ▲
1.2Total of 2 minor versions.+00% —
1.0Total of 2 minor versions.-1-33% ▼
0.7Total of 3 minor versions.+3100% ▲