WordPress Monthly Releases

Total Monthly Releases

Data Sources

The raw data for this chart is based on release dates of all the major WordPress versions.

The monthly releases chart sums up the total number of major WordPress versions released each month.


November is the only month that had no major WordPress version releases. After the release of WordPress 2.1 in 2007, it was decided to adopt a regular release schedule every 3-4 months.

Historical Data

6.5Released on April 2024.
6.4Released on November 2023.
6.3Released on August 2023.
6.2Released on March 2023.
6.1Released on November 2022.
6.0Released on May 2022.
5.9Released on January 2022.
5.8Released on July 2021.
5.7Released on March 2021.
5.6Released on December 2020.
5.5Released on August 2020.
5.4Released on March 2020.
5.3Released on November 2019.
5.2Released on May 2019.
5.1Released on February 2019.
5.0Released on December 2018.
4.9Released on November 2017.
4.8Released on June 2017.
4.7Released on December 2016.
4.6Released on August 2016.
4.5Released on April 2016.
4.4Released on December 2015.
4.3Released on August 2015.
4.2Released on April 2015.
4.1Released on December 2014.
4.0Released on September 2014.
3.9Released on April 2014.
3.8Released on December 2013.
3.7Released on October 2013.
3.6Released on August 2013.
3.5Released on December 2012.
3.4Released on June 2012.
3.3Released on December 2011.
3.2Released on July 2011.
3.1Released on February 2011.
3.0Released on June 2010.
2.9Released on December 2009.
2.8Released on June 2009.
2.7Released on December 2008.
2.6Released on July 2008.
2.5Released on March 2008.
2.3Released on September 2007.
2.2Released on May 2007.
2.1Released on January 2007.
2.0Released on December 2005.
1.5Released on February 2005.
1.2Released on May 2004.
1.0Released on January 2004.
0.7Released on May 2003.